Scientific Writing

It takes years to obtain your data but what you do with that data is what really counts. The way in which you communicate your data to the wider scientific community as well as the general public will determine how your research is interpreted and judged. So, while a great deal of effort goes into ensuring scientific accuracy during your experimental work, the communication of that work should reflect the same amount of effort too.

We offer a range of editing and writing services to corporates and academics across the research spectrum, with particular focus in the life sciences and medical fields.

A science editor will be assigned to work solely with you or your company for the duration of your project. They will assist in verifying scientific facts, planning, design and co-ordination of timelines should you require it.

We offer the following scientific writing services:

  • Editing of research papers, manuscripts and abstracts
  • Design and editing of conference posters
  • Preparation of grant applications
  • Editing of theses and dissertations
  • Creation of original research manuscripts
  • Creation of professional scientific reports
  • Design and editing of newsletters
  • Construction of training materials
  • Editing of PowerPoint Presentations
  • Creation of scientific infographics